100% natural activities

Cycling; for all purposes

Our eco village is directly connected to the cycle routes! 550 kilometres of signposted and safe walking and cycling routes. Ideal for walks with family or friends. For a short or long walk or bikeride, come to the reception desk. We'll give you a map of the marked routes... and a few more tips ;)

From the Moulin de Crouy, how far can you go and how long does it take? toChambord (30 min), Cheverny (1h15), Blois (1h15), Chaumont-sur-Loire (2h00) and many otherdestinations.We have been awarded the "Accueil vélo" label and specialise in welcoming cyclists. We offer specific and personalised services for our cyclists and hikers: repair workshops, specialised equipment for children of all ages, and storage facilities.PS: we have been cycling for some time. We will be happy to share our experiences.

Other activities in nature

Deer bellowing - Le Moulin de Crouy

The deer rut in Sologne

The deer rut is also an intense and wild moment?

Come and discover it by yourselves or with a guide.

Ponds in Sologne - Le Moulin de Crouy

The Sologne of ponds

During the summer with Sologne Nature Environnement, discover the aquatic environments of Sologne: ponds, puddles, rivers, wet meadows, peat bogs, watercourses... but also the fauna, the flora, the heritage of Sologne.
The wild river Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire - Le Moulin de Crouy

The wild river

In Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire, the Maison de la Loire invites you to discover the natural riches of the river. Every day in contact with the Loire, the Maison de la Loire staff know all its secrets
Forest housing - Le Moulin de Crouy

A night in the forest

Like a Robinson,Let's meet for a unique night between the forest and the Sologne pond. A unique discovery of "the nature of the night":  animals, stars, constellations...

The Beauval ZooPark

The Beauval ZooPark is one of the most visited and most beautiful zoos in the world. With nearly 6,000 animals, including the only two giant pandas in France, comfortably housed in a 30-hectare park