In the forest of Sologne, and 4 km from the park of Chambord, the Moulin de Crouy is located inthe commune of Crouy sur Cosson.

In a wooded park of 14 hectares, crossed by the Cosson, a river full of fish, our eco-village of cottages invites you to relax in an environment that respects nature.

Map of the estate - Le Moulin de Crouy

Map of the Estate

1) Gîte le Moulin

2) Dining room

3) Shop


5) Guest rooms

6) Bicycle garage with covered area

7) Terrace with outdoor pool

8) Tennis court

9) Chalet "le Cerf" 6 persons

10) Chalet "le Marcassin" 2 persons

11) Chalet "le Faon" 4 persons

12) Chalet "le Sanglier" 6 persons

13) Chalet "le Chevreuil" 6 persons

14) Meeting area, games room, fitness room

15) Equipment room and laundry facilities

16) Waste sorting room

Wooded garden - Le Moulin de Crouy - Sologne

Our projects

We have developed our eco-village of cottages with a view to minimising its environmental impact: insulation of the old buildings, choice of natural materials and clean and efficient heatingsystems for the new constructions. The next step in our project is to enhance the natural heritage of the site, rich in forest species, and to make it discoverable by creating trails.

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